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"William Finn’s music and lyrics — clever, complex, hyper-energetic — remain a musical theater triumph and the score is given a rousing rendition by the small band at Sharon Playhouse. To my mind, the actor who best embodies the spirit of the original is Brenton Schraff, who plays Mendel, the psychiatrist — his powerful voice is matched by his convincing portrayal of a kvetching shrink.



Brenton has worked as an actor for the last 10+ years in plays, feature films, shorts and TV shows.  He has appeared on stage in Los Angeles, New York, Fayetteville, NC and Wilmington, NC in productions ranging from musicals (Mamma Mia, The Bridges of Madison County, Sweet Charity, Little Shop of Horrors) to plays (Shakespeare in Love, Halcyon’s Days, Father of the Bride and Catch Me If You Can). He was honored to be on stage in the NYC area in Falsettos at the Tri Arts Sharon Playhouse, acting alongside talented Broadway performers like Kyle Barisich (Phantom of the Opera) and Leslie Heinstock (Les Mis). 


He won a Best Actor in a Musical Wilmington Theatre Award for his portrayal of Robert Kincaid in The Bridges of Madison County. He was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for Oscar in Sweet Charity and Best Newcomer.





The Bridges of Madison County

"Yes, Robert must be gorgeous—and Schraff is. But it isn’t just his debonair looks: He gives an amazing performance and captures everything we want Robert to be: charismatic, sophisticated, mysterious, gentle."

"Schraff captures the role’s earthy earnestness without ever giving in to cheesiness. He sounds great, too.. and shares great chemistry with Setzler."

Sweet Charity

"Schraff shows his range as Oscar Lindquist, the nerd with a dark side who Charity falls for after a chance meeting in a stuck elevator. Schraff has a strong voice, and he strikes notes both comedic and disquieting." 

"[Schraff] sells it and displays acres of comedic talent." 

Mamma Mia

"The cast — also including Jock Brocki, Brent Schraff and Graham Stevens as the possible dads — did not disappoint, delivering spirited performances and diving into their roles with aplomb."

"Graham Stevens, Brent Schraff and Jock Brocki, playing Donna’s past loves and Sophie’s prospective fathers, worked well in the backup male roles."

Guys and Dolls

"Schraff evokes a streetwise cool as Sky. [His] performance gradually builds to a performance of his big song, 'Luck Be a Lady,' that’s infused with a passion and desperation often missing from the tune. Schraff also shares good chemistry with [Samantha] Mifsud, who portrays Sarah."

Little Shop of Horrors

"Brenton Schraff makes a very natural Seymour whose expressive underdog is obvious but never manic and certainly winning the audience's sympathetic affection."

"Schraff’s oh-so-winning Seymour is instantly likeable, charmingly nerdy, and possessed of pipes ideally suited for tunes like 'Grow For Me' and 'Suddenly Seymour.'”

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