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Classes and Services


  • A guide to moving to and launching your career in LA or NY or anywhere!

  • Narration/Ear-prompt training

  • Video host training

  • Commercial VO training

  • VO demos

  • Children’s acting classes

  • Payment and pricing





As a 10+ year Voice Over professional, I am proud to offer both online and in-person coaching on the many aspects of the industry- all designed to help take your career to the next level. My popular courses and training have helped build careers and make dozens of artists into regular bookers.


    My training includes:

  • An introduction to the many types of voice over from Commercials to Narration to Animation


  • Voice techniques, script analysis and how to find the right tone for each piece


  • An introduction to basic editing and the programs at the disposal of the Voice Artist


  • How to create a demo for the various types of Voice Over that will help you put your best foot forward


  • Finding jobs through acquiring agents, local and regional work, and Pay to Play sites


  • An introduction to the various kinds of microphones and special equipment needed for a great sound


  • How to find the right recording chain for your voice and the kind of work you hope to do


  • How to optimize your personal online site and profiles to capture clients' attention and increase searchability


  • Auditioning strategies for success


  • Breaking into large cities and smaller regional markets


  • Pricing strategies for landing more gigs WITHOUT lowballing


  • How to deliver great customer service and meet client expectations


  • The importance of feedback and being added as a favorite voice


  • Specific strategies for success on all of the major sites

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